• Five reasons to potty-train in the summer months

    Most experts agree that the biggest factor in teaching kids to use the toilet is readiness, and if your child shows enthusiasm for the transition the season won’t matter. But that said, Here are some of the reasons why it’s definitely simpler for you if the toilet trial-and-error happens in the summer.

  • 3 proven ways to set your daughter up for success

    How you can feel confident you’re raising a confident girl.

  • Your kitchen and cooking questions answered

    You posed your pressing kitchen questions and we found the expert to answer. Read on for foodie wisdom from Shai Mandel, owner of Toronto children’s cooking school Rooks to Cooks.

  • What to do if your baby is tongue-tied

    Often tongue tie may persist without immediately noticeable symptoms. However, as your child grows, it may affect speech, oral hygiene (due to not being able to use the tongue to clear debris from the teeth and gums), licking movements (like moistening the lips) or even playing an instrument.

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