• Five reasons to potty-train in the summer months

    Most experts agree that the biggest factor in teaching kids to use the toilet is readiness, and if your child shows enthusiasm for the transition the season won’t matter. But that said, Here are some of the reasons why it’s definitely simpler for you if the toilet trial-and-error happens in the summer.

  • Touchy subject: Should we give our kids more freedom this summer?

    Honestly, parents were way more chill decades ago. As kids we hung out under the sun, not always under our parents’ watchful eyes. Is summer the season of supervision, or should we let our kids roam until the streetlights come on?

  • No-piping required birthday cakes

    No need to mess around with piping tips to get an adorable cake for your kid’s big day (or any other random day that requires cake!).

  • One-minute mindfulness: Take a puppy break

    When life gets busy, it’s easy to focus more on knocking items off of the to-do list and less on what you need to do | for yourself. And this isn’t just true for parents; kids can get overwhelmed by life too.

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