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ParentsCanada Group is Canada’s oldest and largest publisher of parenting magazines. At ParentsCanada Group it is our mission to provide Canadian parents with the most timely and important information for the many stages of parenthood, from pregnancy through to the teenage years.

ParentsCanada magazine is a broad-based parenting magazine available by subscription and on newsstands. We encourage you to subscribe now for 25% off the newsstand price. All of our other magazines are available free through select medical outlets across Canada.

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ParentsCanada is a must-have item for every parent’s toolkit. Brimming with useful information, thoughtful articles and tasty recipes, every issue invite readers to take a much-needed break and recharge. Following in the strong model set by founding editor Dr. Marla Shapiro. the editorial team led by Janice Biehn maintains a strong commitment to healthy living through fitness and nutrition articles. Our food editor Julie Van Rosendaal develops recipes that promote having kids in the kitchen. We publish eight issues a year, and each one is brimming with informative articles and engaging design.

Preparing for the birth of a child is a question-filled time. ParentsCanada Expecting provides the answers to the concerns of moms-to-be, and guides them through the exciting 9 months with targeted advice from medical professionals, covering important pregnancy topics such as good nutrition for pregnant women, a step-by-step guide to what happens in the womb throughout pregnancy, and the changes in a woman’s body.

Being prepared for the birth of your child is more than just packing a suitcase. ParentsCanada Labour & Birth Guide delivers medical experts’ advice to make your experience as wonderful as it can be covering topics include the stages of labour and delivery, relaxation and breathing techniques during labour, and what happens in the delivery room.

Since 1948, ParentsCanada Best Wishes has been providing new parents with information and advice needed to make the journey through childhood seamless and successful. It covers all the topics new parents need to know about, including what to expect in a baby’s first days, weeks and months of life; including common minor ailments infants might experience and how to make their home a safe one. Best Wishes helps parents adapt to parenthood.

Considered one of the best resources for new parents, ParentsCanada Baby and Child Care Encyclopaedia provides information for parents of children from birth through age five. Chapters include information on nutrition, developmental milestones, dental health, choosing child care, and knowing when your child is sick, the Baby and Child Care Encyclopaedia, with its concise index, is one of the most accessible child care guides available.

ParentsCanada C’est pour quand? Is a French-language magazine about pregnancy. It covers everything from prenatal nutrition, how a baby grows in the womb, common prenatal discomforts, and positions to help mothers cope during labour.

Since 1951, ParentsCanada Mon Bebe has been delivering advice for parents of babies from birth to six months. Articles on topics such as breastfeeding, play, what to do when baby cries, and mother’s health are written by the Quebec medical community.

ParentsCanada Naissance is the new companion to C’est Pour Quand? Magazine. Its editorial content focuses on topics most exclusively aimed at the third trimester of pregnancy, such as birthing positions, pain relief options, interventions during labour and birth, the role of the helper, and women’s rights.

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