How to Make Eyeball Doughnuts

By Julie Van Rosendaal on October 29, 2016

If you're like me and love Halloween, yet always seem to run out of time to make spooky treats until the day of, here's something you can pull together quickly using store-bought goodies - eyeball doughnuts, perfect for Halloween parties or just a spooky after school snack.

Any store-bought doughnut will work - I used cinnamon-sugar. If you can find vanilla glazed, that will work well for the whites of the eyeballs, otherwise you can stir together a quick glaze with icing sugar and milk, or pick up a tub of white frosting and microwave it for about 15 seconds so make it slightly more spreadable. I bought these eyeball gummies at the dollar store, but have seen them everywhere - tuck one into the middle of each doughnut, and voila - eyeball doughnuts!

Happy Halloween!

By Julie Van Rosendaal| October 29, 2016

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