10 celebrity moms who breastfeed their babies

By CelebrityBabyScoop on October 04, 2012
Ali Landry

Ali Landry

Hollywood Mom’s Night star Ali Landry is a busy mom of two young children – daughter Estela, 5, and son Marcelo, 11 months – and recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of breastfeeding.

“Nursing has been one of the most amazing experiences for me – so intimate and special!” Ali shared. “It has been a blessing to spend such quality time with both Estela and Marcelo, and thankfully Alejandro and I learned a lot through breastfeeding Estela.”

She added: “We are definitely more prepared this time around with Marcelo. Just being prepared for the things that no one likes to talk about, like having insanely sore nipples or wrestling with a breast pump.”

She went on to say that she recently weaned her baby boy.

“Recently, Marcelo began to get some of his teeth in and also began biting, like his big sister,” Ali said. “While I had so many ambitions of pushing through that, it was just too painful and ultimately I had to wean Marcelo off of breastfeeding. I have to say, I think breastfeeding is no small feat and the time I was able to spend with my kids are memories I will hold onto forever.”

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By CelebrityBabyScoop| October 04, 2012

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