• Berry Cookie Pizza

    Berry Cookie Pizza

    A giant cookie makes the perfect vehicle for berries in season; serve it in slices like a pizza – if you want to be fancier about it, call it a tart.

  • Almond cookies

    Almond cookies

    With just 3 ingredients, which I usually have on hand, these will be in my cookie rotation for years to come.  They are slightly crunchy on the outside and satisfyingly chewy on the inside – I think best described they are the Italian cousin of a French Macaron.

  • Frozen Banana Yogurt Sherbet

    Frozen Banana Yogurt Sherbet

    This delicious fro-yo sherbet is mostly bananas, with added creaminess and flavour from whole milk yogurt.

  • Almond cornmeal cake with candied lemons

    Almond cornmeal cake with candied lemons

    With only 2 eggs and an abundance of lemons I just winged it — yep, I kind of made up the recipe!

  • Gluten free coconut banana loaf

    Gluten free coconut banana loaf

    Baking without gluten, eggs, milk, nuts, almond flour (which I love to bake with), also no corn or soy. Phew!  That’s hard.  However, I do love a kitchen challenge…

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