Taking small steps to find balance

By Andrea Tomkins of "a peek inside the fishbowl" on November 24, 2016

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I’ve been writing about some of the steps I’m taking to give my sanity a helping hand. These past few weeks (months?) have been stressful and I knew that I needed to take some steps and find balance again.

Life balance is an elusive beast and I don’t think it can be reined in all of the time. What we CAN do is find ways get ahead of it before we find ourselves succumbing to stress. We can also stop beat ourselves up about not being perfect in all aspects of our lives. I think, as mothers, we can be particularly hard on ourselves.

I am trying to get a grip on some healthy habits to build up my resistance when stress starts to get the better of me. The cornerstone of these is diet, exercise, and sleep. I know that I need these three things in order to handle the moments when life throws me a curve ball.

One of the things I have started doing is an afternoon meditation. Here’s why: I was always tired after lunch and found it hard to get anything done. As a result, I’d sit on the couch and mindlessly surf the Internet on my iPhone. For a while I had convinced myself that I was merely taking a healthy break from work, but when I really thought about it, looping incessantly between Facebook > Twitter > email and then back again was not exactly healing my busy brain. I decided to turn this time into a meditation break instead.

The idea actually came to me via an email I received via Tetley asking me if I wanted to sample their new Tetley Ayurvedic Balance teas. The timing couldn’t have been better – for me and for my goals – so I decided to combine my meditation time with a cup of tea.

Tetley tea

I learned that these new tea blends aren’t very “new” at all. They are actually inspired by Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old system of knowledge, which teaches that balancing of the mind, body, and spirit is essential for holistic well-being. Working with Ayurvedic experts, the Tetley blends were created to address the needs for balance at all stages of our lives.

Each blend is made with all-natural ingredients. For example, the Poise-Vata blend contains cinnamon bark, chamomile, fennel, tulsi, licorice root, orange peels, cardamom. This particular blend is designed to be calming, to help attain focus when feeling worried or scattered. It’s what I’ve been brewing for my meditation moments.

Cool-Pitta blend contains peppermint, hibiscus, spearmint, lemon balm, coriander, and lavender. It’s touted as a “cooling” tea to help calm you down when you’re feeling overheated. (This might be a nice way of referring to hot flashes. I am not quite there yet with the hot flashes but I do like this blend!)

Vigour-Kapha is really unique: ginger root, tulsi, peppermint, spearmint, clove, turmeric, and cumin. This is what I reach for when I need something to perk me up at around the 3 p.m. mark when I’d normally be craving another coffee or foraging in the pantry for something sweet.

You know what, I am really enjoying this healthy new habit. To hold myself accountable, I created goals in my Google calendar so I wouldn’t forget and work through it or decide to skip it. My rule is that if I have a meeting or a deadline, I can postpone it, but I can’t cancel my meditation time.

Turning my ringer off and sitting down in a quiet corner with my cup of tea – with nothing to think about but my steady breathing – has become one of the best parts of my day.

Tea time

Sidebar: for those who aren’t yoga or meditation devotees, it’s easy enough to just call this your quiet time… because that’s exactly what it is! It’s a quick and easy way to recharge my batteries and I feel stronger and more capable of taking on the afternoon ahead.

* Tetley Tea is the sponsor of this post but my experiences are my own. And I do recommend taking a bit of quiet time for yourself whenever possible!

Sponsored by Tetley Tea.
Learn more about Tetley Ayurvedic Balance Teas and how you can find your balance at Tetley.ca/findyourbalance.

By Andrea Tomkins of "a peek inside the fishbowl"| November 24, 2016

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