Labour & Birth

  • Birthing positions

    Birthing positions

    As bearing down approaches, women tend to get closer to the ground: kneeling, squatting or moving onto all fours.

  • Caesarean Births

    Caesarean Births

    About 21 percent, or one in five Canadian women will give birth by caesarean section. The…

  • Do these methods bring on labour?

    Do these methods bring on labour?

    By the time you reach your due date, everyone you know has a suggestion about how to bring on labour. The question is, which ones really work?

  • Pregnancy and nausea & vomiting

    Pregnancy and nausea & vomiting

    Eighty percent of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (or NVP), so here are some ways to deal with your morning sickness. 

  • Countdown to child birth

    Countdown to child birth

    Try tackling these tasks a few weeks prior to your due date (or at least before labour hits!).

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