• Caesarean Births

    Caesarean Births

    About 21 percent, or one in five Canadian women will give birth by caesarean section. The…

  • Sharing your pregnancy with dad

    Sharing your pregnancy with dad

    Sure, it’s all about Mom, but Dad needs to feel important, too. Here are five ways you can involve your partner in your pregnancy.

  • Do these methods bring on labour?

    Do these methods bring on labour?

    By the time you reach your due date, everyone you know has a suggestion about how to bring on labour. The question is, which ones really work?

  • Pregnancy and nausea & vomiting

    Pregnancy and nausea & vomiting

    Eighty percent of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (or NVP), so here are some ways to deal with your morning sickness. 

  • Countdown to child birth

    Countdown to child birth

    Try tackling these tasks a few weeks prior to your due date (or at least before labour hits!).

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