When parent discipline goes viral

By ParentsCanada staff on August 24, 2015


There’s a fine line between discipline and humiliation. If you’re trying to teach your child a lesson, steer clear of viral embarrassment.

One mother who heard her 14-year-old skipped class went to her daughter’s school and followed her around, saying “We're going to hold hands and go to class together!” She recorded the embarrassing at-school visit and posted it to Facebook, in hopes of setting her truant teen straight.

In February, a father from Atlanta, Ga., grew tired of his son’s antics in school and proceeded to shave his son’s hair into an "old man haircut” as punishment. He posted the video online and claims it helped get the 12-year-old’s grades back on track.

After a Colorado mom found her 13-year old posing as a 19-year-old on Facebook, she created and posted a video in which she records her daughter saying, “I’m 13. I still watch Disney Channel.” The girl breaks down in tears and the video has 11 million views.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, September 2015.

By ParentsCanada staff| August 24, 2015

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