Online Parenting Tools

Baby Name Finder

Search over 3,000 baby names by gender, origin and more.

Due Date Calculator

Pregnant? Or think you might be? Use this tool to calculate your baby’s approximate due date.

Ovulation Predictor

Trying to get pregnant? The Ovulation Predictor can help. It is designed to calculate your approximate date for ovulation. You will increase your chances of becoming pregnant if sexual activity occurs right before or soon after ovulation.

Symptom Checker

The Symptom Checker is designed as a helpful tool to assist you in checking common symptoms you or your child may be experiencing against a list of infectious diseases and common ailments.

Growth Calculator

Use our growth charts to track your child’s growth.

Body Mass Index

The BMI is used to compare weight to height. It is used to assess the risk of developing health problems associated with being overweight or underweight.

RESP Calculator

Use our RESP Calculator to help meet your savings goal.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator

This calculator provides an estimate of how much life insurance you should have in order to cover the loss of income to your family in case you pass away.

Pick a Pet

Use our search criteria to find the pets that are likely to be the most suitable for your family's needs.

Find a Private School

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