Allison Lawlor


How to build a successful grandparent-child bond

Grandparents are likely to play a larger role in parenting with longer life spans. Here's how to maintain harmony between all of you.

Raising Resilient Kids: Are we bubble wrapping our children?

Call them what you want – helicopter moms or hyper parents – but the recently noted trend of overzealously protecting our children from every scrape and failed test is misguided, experts say. It’s raising a generation of what Michael Ungar calls “bubble-wrapped kids” – kids who are anything but resilient.  “When we bubble wrap our...

When Sibling Rivalry Runs Rampant

Fourteen-year old Meg Ungar and her brother Scott are watching television. Meg picks up the remote and starts changing the channel. Scott,16, asks her to stop. Meg doesn’t. Dad hears the conflict from the other room and asks them to solve it on their own. But within seconds, Scott...