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Tips for finding a pediatrician and preparing for your child’s visit

Dr. Mickey Lester, Pediatrician and Author of "Say Aaah", talks about the main differences between family doctor and pediatrician, tips for finding a pediatrician, preparation tips for a child's doctor's appointment and tips for new parents when taking your baby to the doctor.

Tips for families blending cultural traditions

Jennifer Kolari, Toronto-based family therapist and the founder of Connected Parenting, has some tips for families trying to blend cultural traditions.

Mixing winter traditions and celebrations

For many Canadian families, multiculturalism starts at home with a mix of winter traditions and celebrations.

Turn your kitchen into a science lab

Introduce your kids to the wonders of science, right in your own home.

Science in the kitchen

David Sugerman, senior researcher at the Ontario Science Centre, shows how you can use food experiments to teach your kids science.

Trends, tips & time-savers for back-to-school shopping

Ran Ravitz, General Manager of, has tips for back-to-school shopping including when the best deals happen, how to get the best deals and time-saving tips.

Momsense: How parents can prepare for their child’s first day of school

The first day of school can be stressful for both you and your child. Ease the pressure by doing your homework before the big day.

Momsense: Introducing your family to camping

Nothing says summer like a night in a tent and a meal cooked by a campfire. Here’s how to introduce your family to camping.

Momsense: Baby massages can help your infant digest and sleep

The art of massage isn’t just for injured athletes or stress-filled office workers. Babies can benefit too.

What does the ‘Health Check’ symbol mean?

Kim Arrey, Dietitian, explains what the 'Health Check' symbol means and tips for finding healthy options in the grocery store.