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17 Tips For A Less Stressful Holiday Season

Save time, money and stress less when you take on the holiday season with these tips and tricks.

Let’s Talk About Parental Anxiety (And How To Help Curb It)

It's normal to feel anxiety and want to protect your kid from every little thing, but If the daily rigours of parenting make you as if like you’re under a dark cloud, here’s how to find a little sunshine.

13 spooky spots to get you in the Halloween spirit

Hankering for more Halloween getaways? Here are 13 (yes, 13) spooky sites across Canada and around the world that promise to give you chills.

We’ll take Manhattan

Why our family loves New York City — and why yours will too

Make the most of winter with March break in Montreal

Winter can be harsh in Montreal so it’s often not top of mind for families to consider for a March break getaway, but we found an abundance of great activities (along with, yes, heaps of snow) to keep kids happily engaged, whether they’re little tykes or easily bored teens. An added bonus: we got to feel a wee bit culturally superior by brushing up on our French.

ParentsCanada Sex Ed Report

Everything you want to tell your kids about sex but are afraid to.

Our coast-to-coast family camping guide

Canada is blessed with an abundance of nature. Camping is an affordable way to experience it, while promoting family bonding at the same time.

Revelstoke revs up for families

Once only a draw for adventure skiers, Revelstoke Mountain Resort now has more to offer both beginners and kids. 

Washington, D.C. offers kids a delicious slice of history

Like most teens, my kids love shopping. So when I start talking up Washington, D.C.’s  National Mall as a destination for our last March break vacation, my two daughters got eagerly onboard. That is, until they realize they’ll be visiting memorials, monuments and museums, rather than fashion boutiques and department stores.

Get organized to save money

Six ways to organize your family’s finances to tackle your debt and save more dough.