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Family-friendly Fernie

This charismatic town offers an abundance of ways to fully embrace Canadian winter.

8 money-saving tips for a new baby

These tips will help keep your baby budget on track.

Confessions of a Former Helicopter Parent

How I learned to stop worrying and just enjoy being a mom. 

Take time for yourself – the house won’t fall apart!

Turns out the household doesn’t fall apart when I’m away.

Family Finances

Meet Penny Wise. She’s the parent who never seems stressed out about money. She’s savvy about her purchases, but never comes off as stingy. Here’s how to be just like her. Mark Fenton, a 46-year-old flight coordinator in Hamilton, Ont., was laid of from his job for six...

Family Mealtime

Is eating dinner together a quaint relic of the past or an essential daily nutrient for your family? There was once a time when the traditional dinner hour was a given – mother proudly carried steaming dishes to the table, dad carved the beef, and kids minded their manners. The...

17 Money-Saving Tax Tips For Families

SO MAKE SURE YOU GET WHAT’S COMING TO YOU The majority of Canadian families hand over nearly half their earnings to the government in the form of taxes. Don’t let even more money slip through your fingers by not taking advantage of all the tax breaks available. “Some of these...

Inside Child Services

What’s the first thing you think of when you picture a social worker? Perhaps it’s an image of someone, underpaid and burnt out, weary from dealing with drug-addicted mothers and abusive fathers who don’t give a damn about their kids. Perhaps you see them as jaded from witnessing too...

Teach your kid to save with back-to-school shopping

The older your children get, the more expensive their back-to-school shopping becomes. Teach them to save money for the gear they want.

Living on Less

When the mother of my daughter’s best friend told us she had lost her job, Lucy’s first question was, “Does this mean Claire can’t come to summer camp with me?” I reassured her that her friend would likely go, but we’d have to see if Claire’s mother got another...