Dana Dougherty Reinke


March break at Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Our writer discovers the joys of an all-inclusive vacation.

Why immunization matters

The importance of being immunized hasn't declined, so why has its popularity?

Exercise Common Sun Sense

Choose a sun protection product that suits your activity. 80 percent of the sun he’s exposed to in his entire lifetime before his 18th birthday. How can you protect kids from such an overwhelming force? Not with sunscreen, if you listen to supermodel Giselle Bündchen.“I cannot put this poison on...

Fighting Crohn’s Disease

Robbie Murray found out the hard way that fighting Crohn’s disease is a life-long battle. His mom shares his story. When Robbie Murray was five-and-a-half he got mono. Shortly after that, he started avoiding foods he used to love. Yogurt and other dairy products became repulsive. His stomach often hurt...