Dr. Ken Finkel, MD FRCP (C) DCH


How To Tell If Your Child Is Sick

1 They must be able to tolerate a wide range of chemical substances in the environment - and some children develop an allergy. This primarily depends on the child's genes because allergies run in the family. 2 They are at risk for an infection when they become exposed to bacteria...

The Medicine Cabinet

Keep the following in your medicine cabinet: Ibuprofen or acetaminophen. For fever and the relief of pain. Syrup of ipecac. Induces vomiting if a child swallows pills or anything potentially poisonous. Only give syrup of ipecac on the advice of a...

How to give medication to your child

Don't make a fuss about it; the more you talk it up, the more you put the child on guard. Be casual.

How to Manage A Fever

A fever, itself, is not harmful. What counts is the cause. You don't have to give your child anything for the fever just because it is there. A sick child's fever is usually highest from about 6 in the evening till 3 in the morning. If the fever is gone...