Dr. Marla Shapiro


Ask Dr. Marla: Do dirty hands cause acne?

While it is never a good idea to have dirty skin, or touch your face with dirty hands, it isn’t the dirt that is causing the acne (though we do note that oil-based cosmetics can increase or worsen acne).


Ask Dr. Marla: How can I make sure my children get enough Vitamin D?

Now that it's getting cooler and we're not spending as much time outside, do they need a supplement?

Ask Dr. Marla: Is it fine if my daughter has a blankie?

My daughter is almost three and has been in nursery school for over a year. Her teacher just called me to say she’s noticed that she’s been clingy with her for the last week or two. She’s wanted to bring her blankie to school and even asked to not go to school. Is it normal for her to have periods of regression?

Ask Dr. Marla: Ice and Injuries

I recently read that the long held practice of icing an injury might not be a good idea. What do you think?

Ask Dr. Marla: Mental Health and Contraception

I am bipolar. Is the new Mirena contraceptive okay for me? I really don't want to tie my tubes, and we are done having kids (we have two). My husband doesn’t want a vasectomy either.

Ask Dr. Marla: Kids and water safety

I’m nervous about my four year-old being around water. What can I do t o help both her and my confidence?

Ask Dr. Marla – Babies and nap routines

With these tips and gradual transition, your child will adapt to the new routine.

Ask Dr. Marla – Should I be concerned about my toddler’s hair loss?

These questions are part of a history your doctor will want to take in investigating possible causes of hair loss.

Ask Dr. Marla – How can I help my toddler eat better?

At some point, your toddler may expand his/her palate, so don’t be afraid to continue to offer these food groups.

Ask Dr. Marla – When a cut needs an ER visit

It is often difficult to know when to go to the hospital.