Glen Herbert


Dads, Bonding With Your Baby Will Happen

Moms and dads experience bonding with baby differently. Sure, breastfeeding is an advantage, but that's not the only way to build a relationship. Dads, don't despair, here are tips to help.

Don’t let these 10 common childhood sicknesses give you the creeps

In horror movies there are scary things around every corner. That’s true in parenting, too. Invading critters, creeping bacteria, oozing orifices – screw up your courage for these 10 scary things you might have to deal with at some point – if you dare.

Parenting round two: Would you parent differently?

You’ve had kids, changed their diapers, helped with their homework, put them through school, married them off. Then comes round two. If you were doing it all over again, would you parent differently?

Introduce your child to the books of your youth

You might be forgiven for wondering what planet we’re living on when you read kids’ books today. Introduce them to books you read as a kid.

Girls and ADHD

Labels like drama queen or airhead tend to follow girls with ADHD. The reality of the disorder isn’t nearly as cute as those names might suggest. Dr. Anatoly Belilovsky, a New York pediatrician, thinks Alexander the Great could be the poster boy for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Alexander was...

The Benefits of Being Active

Can’t find the right sport for your kid? Don’t fret. There’s more to be gained from simply being active. Ted Temertzoglou isn’t big on sitting. He wears a pedometer everyday (“Yeah, I’m a pedometer addict,” he admits) and walks around the boardroom when on the phone in order to make...

Learning From People Who Work With Kids

1 FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS Catherine McCulloch, an early childhood educator, in Burlington, Ont., for 15 years, says that children thrive on consistency and routine because they know what to expect and what’s going to happen next. Give kids fair warning: Don’t spring a command on them. If you...

When should you take your child to the emergency room?

Does a child need to be unconscious, or is really unwell enough? And what does really unwell look like? Clearly, not all emergencies are bell ringers, so when do you take your child to the ER?

Too Sick to go to School?

Throwing up, diarrhea, anything requiring surgery – those are easy calls. But how bad does a runny nose or a cough need to be to warrant a sick day? Or a rash? Or lice? Most things, with the exception of lice (but not for the reason you think) aren’t...

What, Me Worry? Recognizing And Helping The Anxious Child

What, Me Worry? RECOGNIZING AND HELPING THE ANXIOUS CHILD While many of the things that worry Andrew may be understandable – don’t we all feel a little reticence at the thought of a visit to the dentist? It’s the frequency and the level of his worry that sets Andrew, and...