Jane Bradley

Jane Bradley is the founder of Jane Media Inc. and the owner/ publisher of ParentsCanada and Private School Guide. She is a mom of two boys.

EXPERIENCE KISSIMMEE: This central Florida option is an economical vacation alternative

When one thinks central Florida, we tend to focus on Orlando, home to several amusement parks and other attractions. But for families wishing to economize and diversify their vacation, Kissimmee is a great alternative. Situated next door to Orlando, Kissimmee’s tagline is The Gateway to Fun.  They aren’t wrong.

Beaches Turks & Caicos has the whole family covered

We had one helluva cold winter. So when the invitation to check out Beaches Turks & Caicos newest expansion arrived in my inbox, how could I refuse? This was my second visit to Beaches, a premium all-inclusive resort that is the “little cousin” to Sandals Resorts, for couples only. The...

Walt Disney World Your Family Can Afford

No one will ever tell you that visiting Disney World is a cheap holiday. But, with a little planning and knowing where to stay, it can be affordable and worth every penny for your family. Follow these tips ...

Parenting lessons from my husband

Parenting did not come naturally to me. But, in a world of helicopter moms and bubble wrapped kids, I have figured out how to be a good mom with some help from my husband. 

Family getaway: Travel to Oranjestand, Aruba

See what Aruba has to offer your family when you consider your next vacation destination. 

New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

My semi-annual pilgrimage to Walt Disney World Resort proved to once again be a delight in all things magical. This time I left the kids at home and brought my girlfriend for a much needed reconnect with our inner kid in the land of make believe. What awaited us was the largest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World - the New Fantasyland.

Sunny hotspots for the family: Seven Stars Resort, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Family vacations create memories that last a lifetime. If this is your year for a sunny holiday, consider visiting the Seven Stars Resort in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, as you plan your winter break.

Vacation with a Tween and a Teen

We began negotiating a major family trip. Our family translates to one mom, one dad and two boys – aged 12 and 14. We were checking out the ‘Love Your Family’ program at The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort in the Bahamas, and, frankly, I was hesitant. Our boys are independent,...