Julie Van Rosendaal


Butternut squash latkes

These tender, savoury pancakes are a quick, tasty way to cook up squash; serve them as is, or alongside roasted meat or fish.

Maple Cedar Planked Salmon and Veggies

Planked salmon is simple to prepare, the plank acting as a buffer between the delicate fish and intense heat of the grill while infusing the meat with flavour as it smoulders.

Green goddess dressing

Keep the mixture thicker for dipping fresh veggies, or thin it a little more to drizzle over salad.

Sheet pan roasted chicken thighs & veggies and easy leftover curry

One of the easiest ways to get dinner done in a hurry is to cook it all in one pot – or spread it out on a rimmed baking sheet to roast in the oven.

Spring green and almond pesto

Once you see how easy it is to make pesto, it’ll be tempting to make a jar or two anytime you have surplus greens on hand.

Spring Green Soup

Soup is the perfect vehicle for wilting leaves (which are less suitable for salads).

Real Food Fast: Roast chicken with potatoes & veggies and Homemade chicken soup

There are few meals that deliver such high rewards for minimal effort than a roast chicken. Best of all, every bird comes with a free batch of homemade stock, perfect for chicken soup.

Chocolate black bean cupcakes with peppermint frosting

Canned beans purée more smoothly to add to cake, loaf and muffin batters – here, black beans are masked with cocoa to make healthier chocolate cupcakes.

Jam crumble squares with red lentils

These tasty bars can be made using any type of jam or preserves – or try them with mincemeat or leftover cranberry sauce, spiked with a bit of orange zest.

Cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies with red lentils

Cooked split red lentils cleverly disguise themselves as oats in these easy yet festive cookies.