Katie Dupuis, Editor-in-Chief

Katie Dupuis is a veteran of the magazine industry in Canada. With two little girls at home she is deep in the parenting trenches, and has a passion for supporting other moms and dads with top-notch content.

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Whether you’re getting up for nightly feedings, coaxing a cuddly toddler to go back to her bed, comforting a sick little one or lying awake worrying (which is basically every parent we know, at least occasionally), adulting the next day can be a slog. Here are a few clever tricks for looking like you caught your full eight hours, when really it felt like eight minutes.

Overnight camp preparation for the whole family

Your camper-to-be isn’t the only one who needs the rundown on what to expect at overnight camp. We talked to the experts for tips for Mom and Dad, too.