Lynn Hargrove


Web-savvy family: Her first phone

She’s not into email, and doesn’t have a Facebook account, but she does love her apps. Currently she has these favourites that keep her head down.

Web-savvy family: Tis’ the season of giving and protecting

While the initial rush of opening a new tech gift is exciting, we as parents must ensure that devices are protected before our children begin to play. Think of it as the battery of the 21st century. The holidays are no fun when that shiny new toy you got for Christmas won’t turn on because Santa forgot the batteries!  Here’s how to protect your presents.

Web-savvy family: Device-free dinner

Mobile devices have become a part of our everyday lives. Sitting down to dinner may cause a debate over cellphone use at the table, family movie night may involve our kids also surfing the net or updating social media statuses on their laptops, and tablet games have become a must for the family road trip.

Web-savvy family: The device divide

The use of a double duty device is becoming more and more popular, with 37 per cent of working Canadians using one mobile device for professional and personal life.  Convenience can be very appealing, but we need to think of the safety risks of our actions when it comes to our digital lives. Take these steps today to feel a little more at ease!

Keep an eye on cell phone data usage

Particularly during summer months, when 3-4 family members can be using devices for hours at a time, it is important for parents to keep an eye on data usage.

Protect your smartphone while you play this summer

A recent Norton survey found that 88 per cent of Canadians said a smartphone is a must have at events, eight per cent higher than their ID.

Web-savvy family: A chat with your kids about Snapchat

Snapchat has taken the tween and teen world by storm. If you haven’t heard about this app at your dinner table or from another parent, I’ve pulled together a quick summary for you.

Web-savvy family: Busting our cybersecurity myths

Find out the commonly held misconceptions around cybersecurity that affect your family.

Web-savvy family: Keeping track of our little ones’ online activities

Our kids are becoming digitally savvy at frighteningly young ages and it’s critical (and manageable) that we understand what they are being exposed to online.

Web-savvy family: Should we take a spring break from our electronic devices?

From online travel scams to smartphone thefts, we need to protect ourselves and our families from more than just UV rays on your next spring break getaway.