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Pamela McDonough is a Toronto native who now resides in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. She makes daily forays into the kitchen to cook for a vegan/gluten-free daughter, a son who eats absolutely everything, a husband who prefers a heavily protein-based diet, and her Celiac self. Follow along at

Blueberry corn muffins

I have learned that when baking gluten free, if you bake something everyone raves about, make it again, then make it again slightly differently.  You could use this recipe and swap the blueberries for strawberries, or maybe create an apple cinnamon version.

Summer time ribs

The beauty of these ribs is that you season and roast them in the oven the day before, or very early that same day.  Later, slather with BBQ sauce and grill until they are charred at the edges, producing fall off the bone rib goodness.  You can claim you smoked them for hours, no one will be the wiser, that’s how fabulous these are.

Summer green vegetable salad

With summer gardens in full bloom for the season, this Summer Green Vegetable Salad is the perfect vehicle to use up whatever happens to be ripe in your garden now.

Almond cookies

With just 3 ingredients, which I usually have on hand, these will be in my cookie rotation for years to come.  They are slightly crunchy on the outside and satisfyingly chewy on the inside – I think best described they are the Italian cousin of a French Macaron.

Kohlrabi and apple slaw with harissa dressing

The beauty of coleslaw is that you can julienne almost any vegetable and make a slaw – it doesn’t always have to start with leafy green or red cabbage.

Almond cornmeal cake with candied lemons

With only 2 eggs and an abundance of lemons I just winged it — yep, I kind of made up the recipe!

Pizza with cassava flour

I follow quite a few gluten free blogs and Instagram accounts, lately I’ve noticed a buzz about Otto’s Cassava Flour for Pizza.  Raving reviews, basically calling it the Holy Grail of pizza crusts.  I had to be sure, had to give it a try.

Oatmeal coconut currant cookies

These would be fabulous as a breakfast cookie, loaded with oats, currants, coconut flour and coconut flakes for extra protein, and not too much added sugar. 

Chopped Greek salad with quinoa and lentils

A perfect side salad for any grilled meats or fish.  A winner of a main course on it’s own if you or some of your guests are vegetarians.

Gluten free coconut banana loaf

Baking without gluten, eggs, milk, nuts, almond flour (which I love to bake with), also no corn or soy. Phew!  That’s hard.  However, I do love a kitchen challenge…