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14 amazing gifts for $50 or less

If you're struggling to find the perfect thing, or just looking for some inspo, we dedicate this roundup of gifts—priced at $50 and under—to you. 

9 terrific gifts for $100 or less

Looking for a wow gift? These all come in under $100 and are sure to please. 

4 holiday books for kids

It's the holiday season, so curl up with one of these sweet books with your kids. 

Roasted Cauliflower and Hummus Flatbread Pizza

There's nothing to be mad about when it comes to this easy-peasy pizza. Hummus takes the place of a traditional red sauce and feta fills in for the mozzarella. Naan or pita make the effortless base, so you're not fussed.

6 ways to reinvent the loot bag

Your kids are into it for five minutes, but no one wants a bag of junk that will break on the way home. We've found the perfect solution to the dreaded loot bag. Read on, because these ideas are good! 

6 ways an air purifier can help you live your best life

You probably know the basics about what an air purifier can do, but here are some things you maybe haven’t considered. It might just improve quality of life for you and your family.

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We asked the experts: 10 breastfeeding tips for new moms (and their partners!)

It’s probably not that surprising to you that many women have trouble breastfeeding—this is a pretty common experience for new moms—but what if we told you that 80 percent of women meet with some degree of challenge when they first start nursing?

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19 tips to keep kids safe this Halloween

Enjoy a safe, but ghoulish Halloween with these safety tips, courtesy of Health and Safety Watch.

These foods will help clean and protect your kid’s teeth

Teeth-cleaning foods? Yep, you read that right. But it's not just about foods that "brush" your teeth, read on to find out how common lunch box items can help protect your kid's pearly whites, too. 

7 things to buy at IKEA for back-to-school

Sure, you go for the inexpensive stuffies, a new duvet cover and maybe some meatballs, but while you’re there, IKEA has some great products for your favourite time of the year.