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Day to Day with my Diono Rainier Car Seat

After spending a month with the Diono Rainier Car Seat, here's why I love it...

Installing my new Diono Rainier car seat

I received the car seat and was so beyond excited to test it and then panic set in … I have never installed a car seat. So I did what I do best, procrastinate. I left it in my hall for a few days and just stared it down, it was me against this car seat. Sunday afternoon, I mustered up the courage and unpacked it and the large car seat was in one piece and instantly my heart rate slowed down.

The only car seat you will ever need

It's pretty crazy how many car seats I have purchased in the last 4 years. Why? Because every car seat comes with a weight restriction and as the kids get older, they graduate to the next one … at least that's what I thought!