Tracy Cooper

Tracy Cooper
Tracy Cooper is a writer, editor and fact-checker in the Toronto area. Reading a book or newspaper with a hot cup of tea is her favourite thing to do — next to binge-watching television shows with her hubby, hanging out with her two girls, and walking her Labrador Retriever. By the way, the daughter you read about in 'Mommy Diaries' is now a teenager!

Raising Mary: Dealing with back talk

Tracy has been hit with Mary's increased verbal insolence this past year.

Raising Mary: Halloween is for everyone!

Tracy Cooper plans to ramp up her Halloween spirit this year.

Raising Mary: Do our kids watch too much TV?

Mom Tracy Cooper felt bad when she accidentally let her daughters watch a superhero series rated PG-13.

Raising Mary: Do we overpraise our children?

I realized if I kept overpraising Mary, she was going to expect cheers for waking up in the morning.

Raising Mary: Do dads have more fun?

When I was little, my Mom gave me lots of love, and surrounded me with a doting extended family, but one thing I didn’t have was my father.

Raising Mary: How do you get kids to pick up after themselves?

Tracy Cooper tells us about how she sometimes ends up picking up after her daughters.

Raising Mary: When should you start talking to your kids about sex?

Mary was a toddler when she watched my belly grow for months, then two when I came home with baby. So I got questions a long time ago about “the birds and the bees”. 

Raising Mary: Potluck Rules!

Stay-at-home mom Tracy Cooper enjoys her solo 10-hour gift-buying marathon, but draws the line at cooking for everyone.

Raising Mary: An Online Lifeline

Stay-at-home mom Tracy Cooper finds Facebook an invaluable way to reach out to friends and chronicle her motherhood experience.

Raising Mary: Summer Time

What to do for 68 days? Stay-at-home mom Tracy Cooper once wondered why parents struggled through long summers with their kids. Now she gets it. Before I had a child, I was incredulous when I heard parents talking with trepidation about their kids being home all summer. Why would you...