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Picking the perfect baby name is not an easy job.

There’s plenty of things to consider, like how common or trendy a name is. How it sounds with your baby’s middle and Last Name, if the initials spell out anything unintentional, and, of course, how the moniker you land on will represent your new little person.

As the concept of gender becomes non-binary, parents are adjusting their name choices to reflect this new era. As a result gender neutral names are in and creative spelling of names are on the way out like Cydnee vs Sidney. Plus, we all have names that relate to someone we knew (good and bad) so we strive to come up with something new and unique.

How to Start


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Tips On How To Choose A Baby Name

Only you can decide what factors are important when you name your baby. Maybe you want your child named after a relative or friend. Perhaps you want an unusual name. Whatever your choice, here are some practical guidelines.

Tips On How To Choose A Baby Name - ParentsCanada
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