10 Things to consider before buying a car seat

10 Things to consider before buying a car seat - Parents Canada

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming. There are doctor appointments, keeping yourself and the baby healthy, shopping for all the latest and greatest baby stuff, watching your body drastically change shape and preparing to do everything “right” for your bundle of joy.

There is no contest on the most important product you should purchase: the car seat, aka Child Restraint, Safety Seat, Bucket, Infant seat, rear facing seat.

#1: Start your “car seat fund” jar immediately upon looking at the test results. This way, you can afford the car seat you feel is the best seat for your child, your cars and any special situation.

#2: Car seats are like dental insurance. You pay a premium every month for the best coverage, which you rarely use. It is rare you will have a root canal, but you have the coverage just in case.

#3. According to Transport Canada, infants must be in a rear-facing car seat to protect their weak neck and back muscles.

#4: Take a look at safety ratings. You can find a list of recalls here: healthycanadians.gc.ca. Do the number of recalled products from one manufacturer matter to you?

#5: Prioritize. Invest more money in a car seat than a crib. Driving is the most dangerous thing we do every day, not sleeping.

#6: Take the size of your car into consideration before purchasing a car seat. All car seats can’t fit into every car.

#7: Seats made of plastic or a seat made with a steel frame? Race car drivers are surrounded by a steel roll cage and their vehicle seat is made of steel. Suffice it to say, steel is a good strong material.

#8: Ease of use? Yes! If you read the manual and learn how to install the seat by a certified technician, most car seats these days are easy to use!  Parachute has partnered with Chevrolet for the Safe and Sure Car Seat Installation Workshops.

#9: Organic fabric and materials? Not necessary. All car seats have to meet federal standards regarding flame retardants.

#10: Travel system, convertible or birth-to-booster? Travel systems with infant carriers are very convenient and fit smaller babies very well, but babies can outgrow them within five to 12 months. Convertibles fit babies too and can be used for longer periods and save money in the long run. Birth-to-booster fit babies, toddlers and older children and can be used even longer than convertibles.

Visit parentscanada.com/carseats for all the information you need for getting the right car seat.

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