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Astrology for kids: What to expect from Cancer

astrology for kids cancer sign

Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancer is a water sign that loves nostalgia, staying home, their family and friends. Keep reading for more astrology for kids.

If you know a Cancer, then you know that you are loved by a Cancer. That’s because friendships and family mean everything to these crustaceans. The forth sign of the zodiac, these summer babies are water signs and represented as a crab or lobster. 

There’s a saying that a Cancer is the first to laugh and the first to cry. And it’s true. Feeling a whole gamut of emotions, a Cancer will laugh heartedly and genuinely and get emotional over, well, anything. This is because Cancers tend to be empaths, feeling emotions deeply. They love to visit the past. If there’s a cherished memory or photo, Cancers will recall it fondly and often. Their tears may even stem from happy memories of days gone by (maybe not that long ago if they’re still young). 

Extremely loyal, a Cancer is very protective of their loved ones. Sometimes dubbed the “moms” of the zodiac, they are nurturing and care deeply about the enjoyment and happiness of those around them. Presidents of the Stay At Home Club, don’t be surprised if your little water sign prefers an afternoon in a blanket fort watching their fave movie for the 700th time vs going out to play. Because of Cancers’ deep emotions, they need plenty of time to recharge and unwind in the safety of their home. It’s important to make sure they feel safe in their environment. 

Is something wrong? Cancer is bound to sense it. If you’re upset or angry, your Cancer will be, too. They’re incredibly intuitive so don’t try to fool them. While they’re chockfull of amazing qualities, those pinchers come out sometimes. A Cancer can sometimes be overly sensitive, a bit moody, and when crossed (or when someone they love is crossed), downright vindictive. 

While sometimes sensitive, Cancers have amazing determination. It’s a perfect balance to their gentle nature because if someone messes with anyone they love, that person needs to watch out. A Cancer is the type who will nurture lifelong friendships, consider yourself lucky if you have one in your life. 





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