Babies figure out “good” and “bad” early on

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If you’ve ever wondered whether your child’s good or bad behaviour is more nature than
nurture, you’ll want to tune in to the CBC documentary Babies: Born to Be Good?. Narrated by David
Suzuki, this documentary examines the latest early childhood development research and finds
that babies are not blank slates; they are born with a moral compass and a sense of justice
and fairness that can be seen in babies as young as three months old. New experiments have
enabled psychologists to learn that babies prefer “good guys” over “bad guys” and that they
can distinguish the “in” crowd from the “out” crowd. These discoveries are teaching us about
the complexity of a baby’s mind and revolutionizing our understanding of how we think about
human nature.

Babies: Born to Be Good? airs on CBC Television on Thursday, October 25 at 8 p.m. EST

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2012.

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