Baby Blues

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Memo to new mothers: Your hormones are changing, you are anxious about your new responsibilities, you are still sore and your breasts are a little tender. You’re tired and you sometimes can’t find time to eat.

Ask for help from family and friends. Maybe they can make casseroles for dinner, run a vacuum cleaner, pick up milk from the store and even babysit for an hour or so.

It is normal to feel confused and sad sometimes and you will feel better with a little time, rest, good food and fun.

Important: If feeling blue seems to slip into depression, talk to your nurse or doctor and they can arrange some help for you.

As new parents, you have a big job. You are being bombarded with new information, learning countless new things…babies, breasts, burping, baths, bassinettes and belly-buttons….

You have no time to absorb this new information before having to put your new skills to work – and your new job is a 24-hour job.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by rules, routine and rigidity.

Don’t concentrate on being perfect. Concentrate, instead, on being your same self, with fun, hugs and laughs. Just being there with love is perfect.

Give your baby lots of love and a safe environment and baby will thrive and be happy. BCCE

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