Investing in a convertible car seat

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Whether you are purchasing an infant car seat, an all-in-one convertible or a booster seat for an older child, you are probably looking at the same basic criteria. Safety, comfort, quality, installation and height and weight limits.  In accordance with current standards, children remain in some form of safety seat until they are 8, 10, even 12 years old. Buying an all-in-one convertible car seat rather than an infant carrier may be the most economical choice depending on your lifestyle and vehicle.

Want the Best? Here’s What to Look For…

Safety ratings
Materials used to make the seat
Height & weight limits
Customer reviews

All-In-One Design Accommodates Growing Children and Growing Families

Diono’s radian rXT can be adapted to your child as they grow, keeping their car rides safe and comfortable for years. An adjustable, reinforced head support offers 12 height settings to ensure the right fit for your child and provides additional side impact protection. Thanks to its exceptionally slim profile, the radian rXT can fit three across in most vehicles. The seat sits relatively low, making boarding easy. It also lowers the child’s center of gravity which exerts less forces on them during a crash.


One of the Safest Convertible Car Seats Available

The radian rXT is one of the safest all-in-one convertible car seats available on the market today. With a proven track record of delivering security and protection in real world crash scenarios, the radian rXT has been a favorite of many parents for over a decade. Introduced in 2005 as the first convertible car seat with a full steel frame, the radian rXT has consistently won the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center and Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA). Red Tricycle also voted the radian rXT as Best Car Seat in 2014.

Car Seat Catagories

Car seats range in price from under $100 to upwards of $600. Reviewing all-in-one convertible car seats may leave you with some sticker shock, but compare those prices to what you might pay if you were to purchase different seats for each stage your child will go through.

  • Infant Carrier $170 – $450
  • Multi-mode (rear to forward facing with harness) $119 – $679
  • Combination (forward facing harness to booster) $129 – $519
  • High Back Booster (belt positioning, optional backless mode) $70 – $329

Many parents start out with an infant carrier for its ease of use with a stroller travel system or because it’s the only seat they are familiar with. That’s a $170+ car seat investment and your child is pretty much guaranteed to outgrow the seat before his or her 1st birthday. Depending on your child’s height and weight, you could transition to a combination seat. However, studies have shown that rear facing is 5x safer for children up to and beyond their 2nd birthday. So, you’ll likely be in the market for a multi-mode seat before graduating to a high back booster. On average, you will have spent well over $500 on car seats before your child is ready for an adult seat belt.

The radian rXT all-in-one car seat retails for $399.99 and was voted as one of 11 ‘High-end products worth the price’ by BabyCenter.

Why radian rXT?

  • All-in-one convertible functionality from birth to booster
  • 4.6 out of 5 star rating from parents like you
  • Unmatched safety of a full steel frame
  • Proven track record of surviving severe crash conditions
  • Key features designed to deliver a comfortable ride
  • Extended rear facing up to 20.5 kg (45lbs)
  • Forward facing with a 5-point harness up to 29.5 kg (65lbs)
  • Booster mode up to 54 kg (120lbs)
  • Fits 3 across in most vehicles
  • 10 year life span
  • FAA certified for airplane use
  • Bonus: Folds flat for travel and can be worn as a backpack with Diono carry straps (sold separately)

Heavy is good

With a full steel frame and thicker engineered plastic, the radian rXT weighs around 10 kg (22lbs). Designed to provide unmatched safety and birth to booster functionality – we think it’s worth the weight, but understand it may not be the right seat for everyone. Proper installation is key to the effectiveness of any car seat, and should be checked by a certified passenger safety technician. Studies have shown up to 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly, minimizing the protection a child receives should an accident occur. So, when you decide to purchase an all-in-one convertible, consider how often you’ll need to move it between vehicles. Some families purchase multiple seats for different vehicles – Allowing for a more permanent installation in each vehicle and travel flexibility for parents, grandparents and/or caregivers.

Built solid for your precious cargo

Diono car seats are lovingly engineered. We build our seats to withstand conditions we hope you never have to face. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Following a crash with another driver while her 2 year old twins and older child were in the car, mom Kellie C had this to say:

“For those of you in the market for a car seat that will grow with your child, spend the money. Save a life. I will recommend these seats until the day I die. Especially for those of you with more than two kids… or tiny baby twins. Just bite the bullet and spend the money on a Diono radian rXT. I promise it will be the safest decision you could ever make for your kids.”

By purchasing a Diono all-in-one convertible car seat, you are investing in the long term – ensuring the safety and protection of your child until he or she is old enough to fit an adult seat belt. Every family’s equation is a little bit different. So do the math – and travel safely!

Brought to you by Diono.
The radian® rXT car seats are designed with your child’s security and safety as top priorities.

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