Burn safety 101

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Burns make up 10 percent of all injuries to kids that require a trip to the Emergency Room. “Burns cause few deaths, but it is a lifelong injury,” says Pam Fuselli from Safe Kids Canada. “They will always have a scar.”

Protect your children from getting scalded or burned with the following tips:

  • Set your hot water temperature at no more than 49 degrees Celsius.
  • Buy a shut-off system that attaches to your taps. It automatically turns off your water if the temperature is too high.
  • Use the back burner for cooking; if you must use the front burner, make sure all pot handles are turned backward.
  • Put a lid on your hot tea or coffee when carrying your children.
  • Make sure your kids stay far away from your gas fireplace. These can remain hot hours after they are turned off.


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