Challenging the taboo of breastfeeding in public

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Joey Salads, a viral video maker, has over 15 million views of his latest social experiment: seeing how people would react to a scantily clad woman showing ample cleavage in a sexy way versus a woman breastfeeding in public. The results? Appreciation for the sexy woman and disgust for the breastfeeding woman. While some question the validity of the video, it does address an important issue. Watch and judge for yourself.


Alyssa Milano (think Who’s the Boss) has made it clear that she is a breastfeeding advocate, particularly by posting breastfeeding pics on social media. But when she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show recently, she really took a stand. Wendy, who is also a mom, called out Alyssa and said the images make her uncomfortable because breasts are primarily thought of in a sexual context. Alyssa said, “Biologically, they are not made as sexual things; that’s what we’ve done to them.” She then said that if her kids were on set, she’d “whip ‘em out” and feed the kids right on the show!

Florida mom Ashley Kaidel, 24, had a staring contest in a restaurant when a fellow diner was shaming her for breastfeeding without a cover. In Ashley’s viral Facebook post, she shared an image of herself breastfeeding and staring into the eyes of the judging woman. In the post, she wrote that she shared her experience for every mom who “tried breastfeeding uncovered once and she got shamed, she got stared and pointed at, she got nasty comments, she got asked to leave the room or asked to cover up.” Her advice if you don’t like it? “Just look away. It’s simple to do so.”

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February/March 2016.

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