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New toys and equipment such as cribs, strollers, car seats and high chairs must meet Canadian safety standards. Check the labels for safety information. Make sure second-hand toys and baby equipment meet safety standards, especially if they are old.

  • Baby walkers with wheels are dangerous! They are not made in Canada anymore, but some old walkers are still available. If you have an old one, throw it out. 

  • Some toys and baby equipment have removable parts that a child can choke on.

    Check everything your child plays with or uses for small pieces that might come off.

  • Teach older children to keep small toys and pieces of toys away from babies and small children. 

  • Do not use latex balloons as toys. Children can choke on balloons or pieces of popped balloons. Use foil balloons instead. If you do allow your child to play with balloons, stay with them. Do not let your child put balloons or balloon pieces in her (or his) mouth.

Playground Equipment:
Letting children climb and play is good for them, but you need to make sure they are safe.

  • Check your children before you go to the playground. Take off anything that could strangle them, such as strings, drawstrings, scarves, bike helmets and skipping ropes.

  • If your children are under five years old, keep them off of equipment higher then 1.5 metres (5 feet).

  • Stand right beside your child when climbing, riding in a swing or playing on equipment above the ground.

  • The ground under and around the playground equipment should have soft rubber mats or lots of sand, pea gravel or wood chips. If the surface is not deep and soft, keep your child on equipment that is close to the ground.

  • Keep your child off equipment meant for older children. If your child needs help to climb onto it, the equipment is not safe.

  • To prevent falls, only let your child use equipment with good handrails, barriers and railings. EY

For more information call:
Safe Kids Canada

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