Choosing a Diono car seat – Doing the research

you become a parent there are so many choices to make. Do I find out
the sex, what crib do we get, what stroller is best, will I breast feed
or bottle-feed. It can be really overwhelming. At the end of the day
there really is not one right way. The most important thing for all
parents is that our babies are safe! 

we had Shane we bought the stroller travel system like many people do,
without much thought at all to what came after the bucket seat that came
with the stroller system. Not until I was pregnant with Aria did we
think we might not have planned properly. We headed out and bought what
we thought was the next step in child seats, we now know that he will
need a booster as he grows out of the seat he is in. Just another

Aria is a different baby. She was born almost 10 pounds and has grown
at a steady pace making carrying the bucket much more difficult. It’s
not until I pulled a muscle in my back when emptying the dishwasher (yup
I’m an old lady) did I realize that it was on the same side that I am
lugging the bucket seat around. 

Diono asked me if I was interested in testing out the Diono Radian RXT I
was definitely on board. This is car seat makes so much sense.  The
weight range for rear facing children is 5 – 45 pounds and forward
facing 22 – 65 pounds. It then turns into a booster seat ranging from
50-120 pounds. This is a one-stop shop when it comes to car seats for
your little ones. 

of course I needed to do some research and came across this video on
Youtube and got more excited than I already was to receive it!

picked the plum colour for the little lady and I can’t wait to tell you
more about it.  For more information about the Diono Radian RXT and
their other products click HERE.


Originally published by Milk and Coco.

Visit for all the information you need for getting the right car seat.


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