Choosing a Diono car seat – It arrived!

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came, it came! We were excited when our new Diono RadianRXT arrived
and we were ready to test it out. Shaun put his thinking cap on and
opened the box. The seat slid out swiftly and was surprisingly light.
The infant padding was included as well as a cup holder that will no
doubt come in handy. As you can see, Shane was ready to help his dad set
it all up. As I walked away I heard Shaun say, “Huh, that’s it?”
Apparently it was going to be much easier to get set up than he had
anticipated. Now that we are on our second baby it is a breath of fresh
air to put together something and not feel like we are going to lose our
minds. Some toys and equipment come with far too many pieces!

made the appropriate changes for rear facing seat, added the infant
padding and measured the straps for Aria so once we had it in the car we
would be good to go.

headed out to the Mini-Van, or Family Chariot as Shaun likes to call
it, and it was installed in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t get over
how quickly it was all over. There was no cursing or frustration and I
am confident that Aria will be safe!

Aria is now riding in style in her plum Diono RadionRXT! 

Click HERE to find out more about Diono and their products, and check back in soon for a full review of the car seat!


Originally published by Milk and Coco.

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