Diono radian rXT—Safety, Comfort and an Easy Install

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When it comes to car seat safety, there’s one brand I trust above all others: Diono.

Constructed of premium materials, the quality of the Diono radian rXT all-in-one car seat is obvious (and felt) throughout.

Take its weight, for instance. The first thing I noticed about it
when I was given a chance to review the radian rXT , was how heavy and
solid it is—exactly the opposite of a featherweight car seat.

With a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced side walls and energy
absorbing EPS foam, this is the car seat you’d feel right about
installing in the middle or back row of a fighter jet—if you could only
find parking for one at the grocery store!

Add to this a five-point harness and an adjustable head support that
provides additional side impact protection, and what you have is a safe
little nest for your little one.

We have three children in forward-facing car seats, so size is
definitely a factor—and one that the Diono has taken into consideration.
Because the seat is only 15 inches wide, the Diono radian rXT is slim
enough to fit three across in most mid-size vehicles, including my Ford

To me this makes it the perfect choice for larger families and
especially families of multiples. And let’s be honest, not every family
wants to buy a mini van when a third child comes along! Besides, it’s
usually pretty costly to purchase a larger vehicle to accommodate a
growing family, and that cost comes at a time when there are plenty of
other constraints on your budget, too. When you do that math, purchasing
three top-of-the-line, slim-profile car seats to fit three children in
the back of your current vehicle makes good economic sense.

The great news is that this car seat goes the distance from when you
bring your newborn home from the hospital to when they’re big enough to
safely travel without a booster. It’s appropriate for rear-facing babies
from 2.3 to 20.5 kg (5 to 45 lbs) and forward-facing babies and kids
from 10 to 29.5 kg (22 to 65 lbs) up to 144 cm (57″) in a 5-point
harness. Then using your vehicle seat belt, the Diono radian rXT then
converts to a booster for older kids weighing between 23 and 54 kg (50
to 120 lbs). It is quite literally the only car seat your child need’s
from newborn to big kid.

It bears mentioning that the installation instructions are a breeze
to follow. From opening the box to complete installation, it took less
than 10 minutes to get the radian rXT installed with Diono’s UAS LATCH
system. That’s critical given that correct installation is so important
to safe car seat use and complicated instructions can get in the way of
an optimal, correct installation.

Given that growing babies and toddlers may need their straps adjusted
several times a year, the easy re-installation is as important as the
initial one.

We’re really reassured by having this car seat in our family vehicle.
To learn more about Diono, and the radian rXT, please visit the company
website here.

Brought to you by Diono.
The radian® rXT car seats are designed with your child’s security and safety as top priorities.

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