10 pretty floral baby names

By Lisa Van De Geyn, Deputy Editor of ParentsCanada on August 02, 2018


All of our favourite blooms got us thinking about pretty flower-inspired names. If you’re due this season (or later this year; floral names work anytime), consider our flowery picks.

Daisy Popular since the 1890s, there was a resurgence of babies named Daisy (the white flower, of course) in the ’90s and 2000s, thanks to the film version of TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard” (Daisy Duke) and a Daisy character on Nick Jr.’s “Oswald.” It’s associated with purity and innocence, and it’s a nickname for Margaret in France (daisy is “marguerite” in French). (Daisy Boo Pamela, Jamie and Jules Oliver.) Posey Derived from the name Josephine. A small bouquet or bunch of flowers, usually tied together with ribbon, Posey (also Posy and Posie) is trendy in England. Can be used as a nickname for Penelope. (Several celebs have the surname Posey, including actress Parker Posey and actor Tyler Posey.) Rose You can’t go wrong with a classic, right? Hugely popular in the early 1900s. Most commonly associated with love and friendship, Rose has a ton of variations: Rosie/Rosy; Roseanne; Rosa; Rosemary; Rosalind; Rosetta; Roselynn, etc. (Actress Rose McGowan; River Rose, Kelly Clarkson’s daughter; Sunday Rose, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s daughter; Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s daughter.) Dahlia Can be pronounced “Dahl-ya” and “Dal-ee-a.” Sophisticated and elegant, Dahlia is a big-blossomed flower and means “valley dweller.” Variations include Dalla, Dalilah, Dalia; sweet nicknames are Doll, Dahl, Dollie. (Supermodel Sophie Dahl; Dahlia Rae, Gail Simmons’ daughter.)
Marigold These flowers are full and bright, sometimes referred to as “herb of the sun.” Lots of nicknames work, including Mari, Goldie, Margie, Maggie, Mar, Gold. Variations include Marygold, Maragold, Marrigold. (Lucy Maud Montgomery penned Magic for Marigold; Lady Edith’s secret daughter on Downton Abbey.) Lily One of the most popular floral names, it’s often seen as a symbol of purity and spiked in popularity in the early 2000s (though it’s a popular choice in the United Kingdom). Can also be spelled Lilie, Lilly, Lillie, and variations include Lilian and Lilith. Cute nicknames are Lil, Lee and Lee-Lee. (Lily-Rose, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’ daughter; Lily Collins, Phil Collins’ daughter.) Iris The flower is said to symbolize eloquence, but we love its Greek origin: Iris means “rainbow” and Iris was the mythological Greek goddess of the rainbow. (It’s also, of course, the bluish-purple colour.) Also spelled Iriss and Irys; sweet nicknames include Irie, Rissy, Eye and Ris. (Iris Law, daughter of Sadie Frost and Jude Law; Iris Apatow, daughter of Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow; Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting “Irises.”) Azalea This one doesn’t have a ton of history as a name, but there have been plenty of Azaleas (the exotic pink flowering bush) born in the last five years, thanks to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Pronounced “A-Zay-Lee-Ah” (it can also be spelled Azalia), nicknames include Zaylee, Lea, Zal and Azzy.  
Jasmine Yes, she was Aladdin’s feisty love interest in the ’90s Disney classic, but the aromatic flower dates back to ancient Persia. Other spellings and variations include Jasmin, Jazmine, Jazmin, Jasmyn, Yasmin, Yasmine and Jessamin; call her Jazz/Jas, Jazzy, Minnie, Jay. (Jasmine Mickael Jordan, Michael Jordan’s daughter.) Poppy From the flower we associate with Remembrance Day, the name Poppy is really hot right now (and not just for Grandpas—yes, we know there are Poppies out there). Not only is it sweet and girly, but it’s definitely spunky and hip. Nicknames include Pop, Popsy, Pip, Pops, Pepper. (Poppy Honey Rosie, daughter of James and Jules Oliver; actress Poppy Montgomery has four daughters are named Lily, Daisy, Marigold and Rosie.)

By Lisa Van De Geyn, Deputy Editor of ParentsCanada| August 02, 2018
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