Genitalia & Circumcision

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Baby Girl
There may be some mucus coming from the vagina and even blood (pseudo-menstruation). This is caused by hormone changes and is nothing to worry about.

Baby Boy
The testicles may seem quite big, but this is normal.

Important: The tip of the penis is covered by foreskin designed to protect the tip of the penis. Don’t try to pull it back. When the child is older, the body will loosen it and it can easily be pulled back to wash underneath the foreskin.

Hospital circumcision: If you decide to have your baby boy circumcised, it may be done in the hospital before you and the baby go home.

Outpatient circumcision: Sometimes a baby boy is circumcised in the first few weeks in the doctor’s office or hospital outpatient department.

How It’s Done: There Are 2 Different Ways To Circumcise A Baby Boy.
1 The doctor may use a plastibell which squeezes the foreskin between a plastic ring and a tight string so that this rim of foreskin dries, shrivels, and later falls away.
2 The doctor uses a metal clamp (gomco). It takes about 15 minutes and then the penis is wrapped in gauze covered with petroleum jelly. It will be sore for a few days and the tip of the penis will look dark and scratched with, perhaps, a bit of yellow mucus appearing. In a few days, the baby will be back to normal.

There is a possible way of reducing pain to the baby boy by using freezing (dorsal penile block). You might request this of your doctor before the procedure. It may be possible in the future to use a special cream to reduce pain.

The Debate
Circumcision: Yes

  • Father is circumcised
  • Easy to clean
  • May need a circumcision later if, say, there is an infection

Circumcision: No

  • Currently, many infants are not
  • Easy to clean when you know how and when
  • Chance of infection is small – there can be infection or bleeding problems after any operation

Circumcision: Yes

  • Possibly less chance of urine infection
  • Less chance of getting cancer of the penis
  • Possibly less chance of sex partner getting cervix cancer

Circumcision: No

  • It hurts! If sensitive penis skin touches diaper, there may be a sore or even scarring where baby urinates
  • A doctor may do an imperfect job
  • Cancer of the penis only seen in very elderly men
  • Possible decrease in penis sensitivity in adult life BCCE

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