Home Safety Checklist for Infants & Toddlers

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  • Make sure you have smoke alarms installed, especially near the bedroom(s)
  • Make sure you test smoke alarms every month. Buy a fire extinguisher and check it every year.
  • Falls from windows and balconies can cause serious injury or death. To prevent these injuries, move furniture so your children cant climb up and out/over.
  • To prevent children from getting out windows, put window guards on all the windows on the second floor and above. These guards act like gates in front of the windows.
  • Another way is to fasten the windows so that they cannot be opened more then 10 centimetres (four inches). Remember, a window screen alone will not stop your child from falling out.
  • Install safety gates at the top and bottom of all stairs. Gates that attach by pressure are not safe at the top of the stairs because they can give way if children lean on them. Instead, use a gate that is anchored to the wall or banister.
  • Put up the sides of the crib and playpen. Keep large toys, stuffed animals and bumper pads out of the crib and playpen to prevent suffocation and to allow enough air to circulate around your baby’s face. Your child could also step on these things to help them climb out.
  • Tape any loose rugs to the floor to keep your child from tripping.
  • Tape foam over sharp corners on your tables to protect your child’s head if he (or she) falls.
  • Cords from curtains and blinds can strangle your child. Tie cords up where your child cannot reach them, or cut them off.
  • Use outlet caps and plug covers to protect your child from electrical shocks. Don’t let your child put electrical cords in his mouth.
  • Make sure that bookcases, lamps, televisions and other heavy furniture are fastened to the wall so that your child cannot pull them over.
  • Whenever possible, use the back burners on the stove for cooking. Don’t let pot handles hang over the edge of the stove; the pots could get knocked or pulled over.
  • Don’t let cords from appliances such as your kettle hang over the edge of the counter or table. Your child might pull the cord and be burned by hot liquid.
  • Keep purses and briefcases out of your child’s reach. They may have dangerous products inside.
  • Learn to identify poisonous houseplants.
  • Keep your pet’s food and toys away from your child.
  • Keep coins, buttons, batteries, keys, earrings and other small objects where your child cannot reach them.

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