Installing my new Diono Radian RXT car seat

So now that we have our Diono Radian RXT it is time to install it! After all, now that the bucket is gone and out of my car, I have to ensure that the little guy has somewhere safe to sit.


I have to be honest that the thought of installing a car seat on my own scared me. I have yet to actually install one myself and instead have been paying certified car seat installers big money to install my seats. There are so many unknowns to me that should I install in incorrectly I could be putting my baby in danger. So what did I do? My husband likes a challenge so we did this together! We read the instruction manual that Diono provides with the car seat.  You can also easily access the instruction manual and installation videos online. It’s easy to follow and is divided into sections depending on how you will install the seat (rear-facing or forward facing) and which system you will use to anchor the car seat.

Since we have the latch system in our car and our seat was going rear facing it was very simple to find. We read it over and off we went to install it! It is so easy it’s almost unbelievable. It took under 5 minutes from start to finish! You have to attach the latch on either side of the seat and then put weight on the seat and pull it tight.


And, voila! The seat is in. Once we did those steps we double checked and it was perfect!


Look how comfortable my son is in his Diono Radian RXT! He’s fast asleep!


Keep an eye out for my next blog coming soon about our daily experience with the seat! 


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