Keep a child information kit

We recently had one of the Edmonton Police Service officers come in and talk about safety tips at our Mom & Baby program. I wanted to pass on the great info for Child Information Kits that Constable Reid Nichol shared with us.

A child going missing is such an awkward thing to talk about, and of course none of us wish it to happen, but things happen and it’s better to be prepared! I’d rather share this and help someone, then fear people might not want to read it.

Things that should be included in the kits:

  • physical description of your child/children, including height, weight, hair and eye colour;
  • fingerprints;
  • footprints;
  • birth certificate;
  • recent photos;
  • medical information;
  • video of child;
  • recording of child’s voice;
  • and for older children, having a sample of their writing is also a great tip.

Keep the kit in your home in an easily accessible place. Keeping it up to date as they grow is just as important as having it.

Another tip is that parents should take a picture of your child on your phone before you leave to a busy place such as a parade, festival or other event. As Constable Nichols pointed out, a lot of people think they remember what their child was wearing, but they can be remembering their child in their favorite clothing instead.

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