Moving into a “big boy” car seat

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Well that went fast. Magnus just turned six months and already he has hit his weight and height limit on the bucket seat! I make big humans, there’s no doubt about that. So it was time to move Magnus into a “big boy” car seat, as we call it. Tall babies typically hit the car seat height requirements long before their time, and that’s not always safe.


We had the Diono Rainer convertible-to-booster seat professionally installed by one of the experts at the Safety Super Store in Mississauga, as I do with all my car seats.  Having a car seat installed correctly is an important job, and I get on the road or highway daily with the kids.

I find Magnus’ new Diono seat much different from the old seat we used with Johannes.


For starters, the frame itself is made of steel, yet it isn’t as wide or bulky as most of the others on the market. That means so a third person can sit in between the two boys now. We have a small 4-door Jetta, so it’s important to have a car seat that fits well and doesn’t hit the back of the passenger seat. We used the Angle Adjuster provided by Diono to bring Magnus’ seat forward at the correct angle and make sure it never touched the passenger seat. The seat is also lined with super comfy padding and Magnus almost always falls asleep on the road now.


But most important for me is the fact that I can keep Magnus rear facing until he’s 44″ tall and 50lbs in weight, or whichever comes first. Johannes hit 44″ just recently so hopefully that means that I can keep Magnus rear facing until he’s at least three!


What’s the most important thing you look for when buying a car seat?


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