Planning for your little one's arrival

By ParentsCanada staff on November 18, 2013

Who knew that a tiny little being like your newborn would require so many things and take up so much space? Chances are your home has been invaded by all things baby, but this is what’s needed to keep your kiddo happy and content.

Keeping crying to a minimum is probably one of your top concerns. To help, invest in a bouncy chair, baby swing and tummy-time mat. A slight change in environment can really make a difference in your baby’s demeanor. Once they build up some strength, a bouncer or exercise saucer can provide hours of entertainment. Consider an activity mat/centre as well, equipped with colourful toys.

It’s never too early to start playing games (like peekaboo), singing songs or telling stories.

Mom’s checklist

Diapers, diapers diapers
Don’t worry, you’ll get used to all the diaper changes. Purchase a diaper disposal system to minimize the smelly situations.

A reliable baby monitor
Nothing is more important than your baby’s safety. Keep an eye (or ear) on your child with an audio or video monitor. Movement monitors are also available for cribs.

Toys and books
Look for toys that light up, jingle, jangle or crinkle. Start with cloth books.

A playpen is a great “portable” crib for family outings or a quick nap in the living room. Look for one that can be converted for different ages/stages.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to deal with a fever or two. Having the right tools will ease your mind when your baby is sick.


By ParentsCanada staff| November 18, 2013

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