Product Review: Disney Baby FINDING NEMO Amazing Animals™ Rollin’ Round Ramp

Recently we got 3 mom bloggers to review the FINDING NEMO Amazing Animals™ Rollin’ Round Ramp.  Here’s what they had to say.

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It’s tough being a younger brother. Especially when your big brother thinks your toys are cool and wants to play with them himself.

Poor Ethan. The older he gets, the cooler his toys, the more Connor steals them. We’ve taught Connor the art of distraction; originally intended to give him a tactic to use when Ethan has stolen something of Connor’s (find something else he’ll like and you can take your toy back), Connor has started using it to take Ethan’s toys so he can check them out. He’s not always terribly smooth, though, and we’re usually alerted to the heist by Ethan’s wail. Man, can that kid wail. I’ll have to try to take a picture at some point, because his facial expression [You stole that from me! How COULD you?!] is priceless.

I’ve started feeling a bit like a bodyguard for baby toys, but we had a bit of a win recently. A new toy for Ethan came in the mail, so he and I opened it while Connor wasn’t home.

I think he likes it.

It’s the Disney Baby Finding Nemo Amazing Animals™ Rollin’ Round Ramp,
and when Connor got home later that afternoon, he was pretty excited
about this new toy too. He scooped Nemo up, rolled him down the ramp to make the starfish sing, and then tucked him behind the open-and-close door. He greeted Bloat and gave him a spin. (The magic of Disney is strong in this house, I tell you.) Ethan watched, enchanted by all the toy could do, but behind the curious eyes I could see the wail building.

Luckily I was able to use the distraction ploy on Connor: the jumbo-sized bubble wrap the toy was packed in was immediately appealing and we avoided any loud complaints from Ethan.

As long as I keep the bubble wrap handy I think Ethan will have Nemo to himself.

– Robin

Robin is a writer, communicator and speaker.  You can find her blogging at

There are a few different requirements I look for in toys for a toddler.  There are the simple toys that you love to keep in your purse for the random waiting room scenario.  They have to be small, quiet, and require no batteries.  This is when toy cars are my favorite.  Then there are developmental toys.  The ones you hope your kids play with and it makes them smart. AND THEN there are the toys you love because it keeps them entertained long enough for you to nap, read, cook, clean, or just go the bathroom by yourself.

Well, I managed to find a toy that fulfills two of those requirements.  A toy that keeps my kids happy (except when they fight over it) and helps them learn good too.  We recently received a Disney Baby’s Amazing Animals Nemo Rolling Ramp.  I had never heard of it, but figured it was worth a shot, and it looked fun.

The Nemo Rollin’ Round Ramp is a fun toy, meant for kids ages 6 – 36 months.  It makes noises, sings songs and lights up.  There is a separate nemo toy with a wheel so it can slide down the ramp.  My boys both really like interacting with it, opening the door, dancing to the music, and spinning the roller-ball.  They also have been seen picking it up by the handle to take it away from each other.  Silly twins.

SO, this would be a great toy to teach your kids hand eye co-ordination, killer dance moves, and as much as we all enjoy singing toys, this would be awesome on a road trip with toddlers, in that they would be entertained and happy.  Which leaves me peace to read and sing.  We all win thanks to the magic of Disney.

And because I think they are adorable, you should too.  Here are my nuggets trying out their new toy:

– Brooke

Brooke is an Interior Designer and mom to 3 boys, including a set of crazy twins.  You can find her blogging at

When I am trying to solve of a parenting problem I’m having with Nicky, I often find myself thinking back to how I dealt with the problem with Gordie. But sometimes I realize that I never had to deal with that parenting problem with Gordie. With your first child, they set the pace. With your second, well your first still seems to be setting the pace.

I’ve found this to be particularly true while we are out exploring playgrounds. Weather is one consideration – too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, not enough shade. I don’t even think Gordie had rain boots until he was 2.

One of the things I’ve found helpful is bringing along a toy or two for Nicky to play with. Disney Baby’s Nemo Rollin’ Round Ramp is the perfect take along park toy. (Although it would be fun anywhere). The carry handle makes it easy to take from place to place and it’s nice an light too. The other thing I love about it as a mom is that there aren’t a lot of pieces – you may have to spend a couple minutes finding nemo but other than that you are good to go.

Nicky’s loved this toy since it arrived in the mail and comes back to it again and again whether it’s at home, at the park or at someone else’s house. She’s always been fond of fish (fish was one of her first words!) and she loves putting opening and closing the cavern door to put Nemo in and out and sliding him down the slide. She also loves dancing to the little tune the starfish makes which I have become very familiar with.

With a little planning and a little Disney Magic, it was easy to find happiness at the playground for both my kids.

– Dana

Dana lives in Calgary with her husband, two small kids and my special needs (CdLS) brother.  You can find her blogging at

Disclosure: These reviews are sponsored by Disney. The bloggers received this toy and financial compensation in exchange for reviewing it

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