The Bond Between Parents & Children

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Babies and their parents have a very special bond between them. The stronger you can make this bond, the better for your baby.

How Does This Close Bond Develop?
Babies feel secure when they know that they can count on their parents for comfort and care.

Babies cry for many reasons when they are hungry, scared or tired, when they are in pain or when they are sick. Crying or clinging is the only way babies have to let you know something is wrong.

You may not be sure what your newborn baby’s cries mean, but be patient. Before long, you will understand your baby and learn to give the comfort your baby needs.

Why Is It So Important To Comfort Babies?
When you respond quickly to comfort your crying baby, he (or she) learns to depend on you. Your baby also needs to learn to trust that you will take care of him. This makes your baby feel safe and bonded to you, his parents, the most important people in his world.

Your comforting makes your baby feel more ready to explore his surroundings. Comforting babies is the best way to love them.

If you ignore your baby’s cries, get angry with him, or if you want your baby or child to comfort you, he will learn not to depend on you.

Don’t worry about spoiling your baby. Babies aren’t spoiled if someone responds to their cries. Comforting babies is the best way to love them.

How Can Parents Comfort Babies?
It is important to respond quickly to your baby’s cries.

Here Are Some Things To Try:

  • Look right at your baby’s face and eyes to try to figure out what is bothering your baby. Your baby cant see clearly or very far. Bend down so your baby can look into your eyes, or pick your baby up. Your baby’s facial expression may help you figure out what the problem is. Seeing your loving face can often help calm a baby.
  • Hold your baby close. Talk quietly and calmly, or sing gently.
  • Cuddle, kiss and rock your baby.

Some babies need more comforting than others, and some are harder to get to know than others. You need to have patience.

If you are too tired or if you are worried about something else, it may be hard to give your baby the attention he needs. And even if you want to, sometimes you may not know what is wrong with your baby. This is normal.

Nobody is perfect. What matters is to try to comfort your baby most of the time.

How you respond to your baby’s cries in the first year will help your child learn and develop for a long time to come.

So, show your baby he can depend on you. Touch and talk to your baby, and respond to his cries. This helps your baby feel loved, safe and secure.

Children who believe their parents will protect them feel confident to go out and explore the world.

Comfort in the early months will help them play, learn, and get along with other people as they get older. EY

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