The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind - Parents CanadaHow The Bond Grows Between Baby & Mom - Parents Canada
Respond Quickly To Baby's Cries - Parents CanadaHow The Bond Grows
Babies form very strong emotional bonds with their parents and caregivers. They try to look for, reach for and stay close to the people with whom they have bonded. Babies feel secure when they know that something was wrong and you responded. As your baby grew, you have learned what frightens your child, how he reacts to certain situations, and how best to comfort him.Babies learn to depend
on parents to help them deal with the world. Through this bond, he will be better equipped to deal with emotional growth.

The Importance Of Comforting
When you respond quickly to comfort your crying child, he learns to baby’s cries, get angry with him or if you want your baby or child to comfort you, he will learn not to depend on depend on you. Your comforting makes him feel more ready to explore his surroundings. If you ignore your you. Don’t worry about spoiling your baby. Babies aren’t spoiled if someone responds to their cries. Comforting babies is the best way to love them.

Respond Quickly To Comfort Your Crying Child - Parents CanadaIf you are too tired or worried about something else, it may be hard to give your baby the attention he needs sometimes you may not know what is wrong with your baby. This is normal. How you respond to your baby’s cries in the first year will help your child learn and develop for a long time to come. So, show your baby he can depend on you. Touch and talk to your baby, and respond to his cries. This helps your baby feel loved, safe and secure. Children who believe their parents will protect them feel confident to go out and explore the world. Comfort in the early months will help them play, learn and get along with other people as they get older. BFY

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