Time for a new car seat!

They say that time flies – and it seems like just yesterday that we were placing my son into his carrier for the very first time.

As an infant – the carrier was really convenient. It was really easy to carry with me and he fit in there perfectly. As he grew bigger and taller, the carrier became much heavier and when Ryan was about eight months old we were ready to transition him into a convertible car seat. The carrier was too heavy to carry and the weather was becoming warmer outside – it was the perfect time to transition him into a new car seat. I often take my boys on road trips to visit friends and family members, so selecting a car seat that has top safety ratings was my number one priority. Because Ryan was eight months old at the time it was important to find a car seat that was rear facing – but could switch to front facing when he was older.  I also have an older child in a car seat, so I was looking for a car seat that took up as little space as possible while offering many features. Given the fact that my child will need to use a car seat for the next seven years I was ready to make the investment into a high quality seat. Some of the key features that I was looking for were an easy to clean surface and a cup holder. Through my research, the Diono car seat kept coming up as the top choice. When I had the opportunity to try out the Diono car seat, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive!

Installing our new Diono car seat

After I confidently decided that a Diono car seat would be the perfect fit for our family, it was time to install the car seat. We received the Radian RXT to try out and I couldn’t wait to get it into the car to try it out!


Like most parents, the thought of installing a new car seat can seem like a daunting task. When it comes to my child’s safety, I usually let the professions handle it. However, after reading the instruction manual and watching the informative installation videos that are on the Diono website http://ca.diono.com/videos I was confident that I would be able to successfully install the car seat on my own. Since my son was 8 months old at the time, it was important to install the car seat rear facing. The installation process was so simple – I couldn’t believe it! For rear-facing installation you need to install a base into the restraint bottom.

One of the things that made the installation process so simple was the clearly marked diagrams and written instructions in the manual.  For the actual installation of the car seat – it was completed in six easy steps. Each step was clearly explained and included a visual.
One of the handy things about the installation guide was the checklist Diono included to verify that the car seat is installed correctly.

I installed the car seat and I am sure that after reviewing the manual and watching the video that every parent should feel confident that they could do the same thing!

My favourite features of the Diono car seat

There are so many things that I love about our new Diono car seat! First and foremost is the comfort of the car seat. Both my sons enjoy sitting in Diono car seat, and my older son often requests to switch car seats so that he can sit in the Diono car seat. To me – that is a great testament to how amazing the car seat really is.

One of the reasons why the seat is so comfortable is the fact that the fabric is soft!  The seat cover is very easy to remove and I have thrown it in the washing machine to clean it a couple of times! Every time I take something off to be cleaned for the first time, I am always a little nervous if I will be able to get it back to the way it looked out of the box. Diono clearly thought of this – because it was so simple to put back on! It still looks brand new! Another great feature is the cup holder. My son loves to have a cup of water or milk with him on car rides and it fits perfectly in the cup holder.

As the mom of two boys it was important to find a car seat that was slim and still gave us room in the back seat. While we don’t have three car seats (yet!) – one of the best features of the Diono car seat is that you can fit 3 seats across a standard back seat. For all the parents that have three children in car seats – this is such an amazing feature!

After purchasing two other brands of car seats for my older son – the Diono convertible car seat is by far the highest quality and favourite car seat in our family.


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